DGS Multipurpose Covered Court
Measuring 28 by 15 meters (91.9 by 49.2 ft), the DGS Multipurpose Covered Court serves as a multipurpose event hub for students, teachers and visitors.
Ernesto Hall (SHS Building)
Also called the Senior High School building, it is a newly constructed building erected in 2017 to expand DGS' capacity to house and nurture students. It is named after one of the school's co-founders, the late Mr. Ernesto D. Canalita.
DGS Annex Building
One of DGS' earliest buildings, the PS/LGS building sits across a major thoroughfare dividing the school into two major expansions. The building caters students from Nursery to 3rd grade.
DGS Main Building
The DGS Main building is the mainstay of the DGS central office, as well as the Registrar's Office and Principal's Office. This building is the first infrastructure to greet visitors entering the school premises.
Junior High School (JHS) Buildings
Surrounded by lush flora, this three-storey-high building caters students from 7th to 10th grade.
About DGS


Engr. and Mrs. Ernesto Canalita conceptualized Divine Grace School in 1987. The couple had thought of three (3) names for the school, of which Divine Grace School was accepted by then Bureau of Domestic Trade. It was named Divine Grace School because the couple believed that in all their endeavors, there is always one Great Immortal Being, the Divine Creator, who provides bountifully and should be loved and adored by the children and by all men and women.

The school was given the permit by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in 1987 to offer the Preschool course. The following year the school applied to offer the elementary course and in 1990, DGS completed the elementary course.

The founders felt the need of putting up the High School Department so another building was constructed across the main building but the new building was used instead by the Preschool. The school was granted government recognition to offer complete secondary course in 1995.

The school started with only 22 students and in the succeeding years tripled each year’s enrollment. As the population increases, additional facilities, classrooms and equipment were provided to maintain good and quality education.

DGS is continuously exerting efforts to give substance and realism to tits commitment to quality education. It aims to develop the skills of its students and to help them grow mentally, socially, spiritually and physically.


DGS envisions a community of academically competent and value-laden individuals living out a life committed to serve the Filipino society and contribute to the global community.


DGS is committed to provide quality education that would train every child to be a well adjusted individual who is academically competent, able to think critically and creatively and imbued with spiritual , moral and cultural values. The school also aims to develop highly productive and efficient individuals amid the trend of globalization and who are, likewise, socially responsible and has a strong sense of nationalism. We seek to fulfill our vision and mission by providing an educational program that will:

  • 1. Enhance human dignity and Filipino identity;
  • 2. Imbue spiritual, moral and cultural values;
  • 3. Foster realization of one’s potential and bring out the best in every learner’s academic inclination and strength;
  • 4. Advance critical and creative thinking; and
  • 5. Develop scientific and technological knowledge.


Academic excellence through upliftment of values.